• ion Cube PHP Encoder is a software which allows increased safety (encrypted code to prohibit unauthorised access) and speed (pre-compiled and binary version).

    * ion Cube is an official Trademark of ion Cube Software LLP

    YII Framework is a new generation of software started from December 2008.
    Authors were inspired from the best solutions from IT market:

    • Prado and Ruby on Rails (idea of database)
    • jQuery - (JavaScript library integrated with YII)
    • Symfony – (plug-in implementation idea)
    • Joomla! - (modules architecture)


  • Architecture

  • The architecture of application is based on multi-level service implementations. One instance of application of Contric supports hundreds of websites wherefore service and maintenance is simple and efficient. Partner has full control over all implemented websites. He can define the availability of modules, determine the presentation code (xhtml), manage the content, structure and graphics, and support all advanced modules. In parallel, the Partner's client can manage the content of his own website.

    Partner can help user manage the site using the administrative panel with full access to all settings, while the clients use the tools called ContentConsole allows them to make changes only to their own websites. Service Content-Console is confined to navigate the selected web applications and it is very simple   and user-friendly such us blocks of content, Drag & Drop functionality, history of   changes and a lot more...