Module List

  • CMS Contric offers 20 ready and proven modules (table below). 

    The functionality of the system is in continuous development and we plan to provide further modules (10+ planned modules).

  • H - Home Licence B - Business Licence EE - Enterprise Licence 

    available unavailable extra paid

  •   Module name H B EE Description

    Menu Configuration

    • Easy set and edit
    • Drag & drop
    • Unlimited sub-menu levels

    Flexi-Banner [*ld]

    • Depends on chosen layout [*ld]
    • No pictures limits
    • Text and description
    • 3+ motions types
    Text Editor  
    • Professional Web Editor with clear menu
    • Edit text changes history (10+)
    • Simple internal links from web menu
      (full website map)
    • Sort text by paragraph (Drag & Drop)
    • Move or copy text from different sub-pages
      (Drag & Drop)
    •  Different ways of adding multimedia
    Icons Database
    • Designed to diversify pages view
    • Free icons database (30+)
      (arrows, bullets, special characters etc.)
    • Designed to communicate with customers
    • Easy to add and copy in any sub-page
    • Defined fields description and on/off
    • Sorted defined form fields (Drag & Drop)
    • Predefined CAPTCHA (secutiry) code
    Forms EE
    • No limited new fields
    • Full own definition and management
    News [*ld]
    • Make websites active
      (e.g. Special Offers)
    • Depends on chosen layout [*ld]
    • Predefined fields (Date, topic, content etc.)
    • Short and extended view
    • Create, edit and manage your own news
    • Make your website look attractive
    • Various ways off adding
      (image gallery directory, module add pictures,text editor)
    • Manual/automatic scale pictures
      (crop or scale)
    • Picture description
    • Enhance your offer and image
    • Easy video include
    • Supports popular standards
      (AVI, FLV, include from Youtube)
    • Video description
    • Simple add popular MP3 format
    • Audio description
    • User-friendly add and manage
    • Varied types of display
      (standard, scrolled, demonstration)
    • Sorted order (Drag & Drop)
    • Pictures Description
    • Slide Show
    • Picture automatic enlarge
    Server Statistics
    • Separate windows to clear analysis
    • Wide range of data:
      - When, Who, Navigation, Referrers, Misc.
      - Hourly, daily, monthly
      - Hits, Files, Pages, Visits and Unique Visits
      - URLs, Hosts, Referrers etc.
      - Visit analysis (Duration, entry, exit etc.)
      - Search Keywords, phrases, Countries etc.
    Social Media
    • Simple way to link your social media
    • Nice icons
    • Link to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+
    SEO friendly
    • Improve your visibility in network
    • Automatically increase Search Engine Optimisation using: titles, keywords, tags and SEO friendly links
    • Enable attach documents for viewers
      (offers, price lists, forms etc.)
    • Drag & Drop
    • File history to control contents
    Restricted area
    • Allow limited access
      (dealers, employers, members etc.)
    • Possibility to connect with other modules
    • Advanced record builder
    • Create groups and manage part of content
    • Group modules in one object
    • Network security module
    • Block unwanted IP addresses
    Google analytics
    • Extended statistics plug-in
    • Excellent tool for advanced campaigns
    Newsletter * * requires own IP Address
    • Designed mailing procedures
    • Multi templates
    • Manage group receivers
    • Scheduling
    Contric Backup
    • Advanced tools for safety
    • Automatic restore from backup list
    • Full backup space


  • Discover our planned modules available in the close future