• (2012-11-22) Audio Files

    The most popular audio format mp3 can be added to any page.


  • (2012-11-13) Website Backup

    You can manage backup your website directly form administration panel. You can also restore previous content as a Administrator or Partner.


  • (2012-10-26) Action Icons

    Drag&Drop functionality upgraded to see what you can do (action icons) and possibility to mark blocks of text.


  • (2012-10-18) Drag & Drop

    This amazing functionality gives you:

    • Simple and user-friendly content management
    • Context menu management and move/copy between sub-pages functionality
    • Alerts in User-interface Dialogue
    • Refresh part of website when you edit content

  • (2012-10-18) Widget “SimpleBox”

    User-friendly Widget “SimpleBox” allows text blocks management (add, delete, edit and sort inside a SimpleBox)